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GFRC Concrete Products/Services

How GFRC Can Be Used

GFRC can be used wherever a light, strong, weather resistant, attractive and fire retardant material is required.

GFRC can be used in manufacturing architectural products such as wall panels, window surrounds, column covers, soffits, cornices, brackets, quoins, railings, pilasters, copings, domes, site furnishings, planters, bollards, urns and tables.


Serving the Continental United States with high performance Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Brand Products of STABIL Concrete Products

OSSO Concrete Design is a team of forward-thinking designers, craftsmen, and artists who are dedicated to being specialists at fabricating high performance concrete surfaces and objects for the architectural and design world.

Cvista - Exterior Two.jpg
OSSO Concrete Bar
OSSO Custom Concrete Kitchen
OSSO Concrete  Kitchen Counter
Kitchen Island 2
Kitchen 9
Kitchen 8
Kitchen 7
Kitchen 6
Kitchen 5
Kitchen 4
Kitchen Island
Kitchen Island 2
Kitchen 2
Kitchen 1
Kitchen Island
Fire Table
Fire bowl
OSSO Cylinder Planter
OSSO Saucer Planter
Bench 2
OSSO Concrete Stool
OSSO Sink 1
OSSO Sink 2
OSSO Sink 3
OSSO Sink 4
OSSO Sink 5
OSSO Sink 6
OSSO Sink 7
OSSO Chair
OSSO Planters
OSSO Sink 9
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