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Precast provides unique benefits that can be found with no other material because it is naturally based and offers exceptional building aesthetics, together with structural ability, speed, and economy that make it an incomparable choice in materials for your project.


Single Source

The flexibility in methods and techniques of precast concrete construction make it a material that can be molded into both structural and architectural elements. Precast also offers the ability to plan and construct the core and shell of a building as a total precast structure, with respective architectural features and aesthetics planned and incorporated in the process. Together with design, project management and erection competencies, precast concrete allows for a single source provider and the essential efficiencies your project deserves.

Pre-construction services

STABILPrecast offers resources to advise on economical building design and layout, including 3D modeling and value engineering. We also advise on field erection logistics.


Economy & Speed of construction

Given STABIL’s ability to start the design process and manufacturing prior to beginning on-site activities, as well as our year-round unimpeded manufacturing and erection capabilities, we offer unmatchable economy and speed to complete your project on budget and on time.


Aesthetic flexibility

Precast concrete provides a variety of color and textures including sand blast, acid etch and retarders to enhance appearance and presentation in your construction project. We also provide creative solutions such as inset brick and the use of liners to simulate natural stones. See Finishes section for further information.



Concrete is a hard highly durable material, resistant to wear, weather and damage.


Energy efficiency

The concrete material’s high thermal mass can be increased through use of a core of thermal insulation.



is evidenced by precast concrete’s ability to facilitate LEED Certification. Precast concrete as a material for construction is clean and waste-free, and the addition of by-products reduces requirement for cement in the mix.


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